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Island Rec, 31 years of People, Parks, Programs and Trails LEVY RENEWAL FAQ

Why is Island Rec asking for another levy?

    • Island Rec’s current levy and funding expires in 2015. After 2015 there is no funding for Island Rec or for High School Sports.
    • By law the maximum term for Island Rec’s levy is six years; the maximum levy rate is 60 cents; this levy is 38.5 cents.
    • Island Rec needs 1,700 voters to vote in April to validate the election and needs 60% approval to pass.

What will 38.5 cents provide?

This levy will continue Island Rec Programs, Parks, Trails and Services – 18.5 cents
This levy will continue funding of school sports – 12 cents
This levy will fund only the OPERATIONS and MAINTENANCE of the new 30 acre community park – 8 cents

What programs and parks does Island Rec fund?

At the end of the last levy cycle (2009) Island Rec provided over 1,500 hours of organized recreation programming with over 8,000 participants. During this levy cycle it has increased to over 2,700 hours of recreation programming with nearly 14,000 participants.

  • STAR Daily After School Program
  • Eddie and Friends Dog Park
  • Music on the Lawn
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Adult Drop-In Sports
  • Camp Eagle Rock
  • Trails Committee
  • Adult Softball League
  • Movies in the Park
  • Sailing Classes
  • Children’s Festival
  • Teen Adventure
  • Camps Lafarge Open Space (former gravel pit)
  • Adult & Senior Fitness Classes
  • Teen After School Programs
  • Farmers Market Events
  • Skate Park
  • Adult Enrichment Classes
  • Youth and Teen Basketball
  • School’s Out Camps
  • Adult Table Tennis Tournament
  • Roller Hockey and Futsal
  • Family Park at Fairgrounds
  • Father Daughter Dance
  • Scooter and Skate Nights
  • FH 8.8k Loop Run
  • Summer Sports Camps
  • Teen Halloween Party
  • And so much more ….!

What does Island Rec plan to accomplish in the next six years?

The new levy will allow Island Rec to maintain its current recreation programs, parks and services and allows for modest growth. This includes:

  • After School Program Expansion
  • Building a Playground at new community park
  • Increased Maintenance and Capital Projects at Lafarge Open Space (former gravel pit); Eddie and Friends Dog Park, Family Park and Skatepark.
  • Replacing the aging passenger van

Why is Island Rec funding school sports?

  • In 2009, voters approved Island Rec’s levy to fund school sports.
  • The school has maxed out its levy capacity funding basic education.
  • The School District’s budget cannot fund school sports and is 100% dependent on this levy to do so.
  • SJISD FAQ – Click Here

Why is Island Rec funding the Operation and Maintenance of the new 30-acre community park?

Island Rec is in the business of parks. As a public agency it is Island Rec’s mission and mandate to operate parks and recreational facilities. Island Rec currently operates and maintains Eddie and Friends Dog Park, The Family Park, Skate Park and Lafarge Open Space.

  • This park will include: playground, trails, picnic facilities, restrooms and sports fields.
  • Island Rec is delighted that this community has donated 3.4 million dollars to build this park and public dollars are only needed to maintain it. This has all come about through a cooperative and effective partnership with the school district as the land owner, Friday Harbor Athletic Association as the developer, and Island Rec as the public agency to operate and maintain.

Why do we need more athletic fields when the school population has gone down?

  • There is not a direct correlation between declining enrollment in the public school system and the number of youth, teen and adults participating in organized or pick-up sports.
  • The number of students participating in school sports has increased over 3 % since 2009.
  • Since 2009 the number of kids participating in youth football and cheerleading has increased by 35% while participation in youth soccer has remained stable.
  • The demand for field use for league play and general public use exceeds capacity.
  • Not all play areas at the elementary school are athletic fields. The fields and spaces that youth and high school sports are using are not adequate. Off-island youth and high school teams have refused to play on some San Juan Island fields.

How do I benefit from Island Rec?

You will live in a community where:

  • Affordable and Free community events and activities bring neighbors and families together.
  • Parks, trails and open space are available and well-maintained for everyone to enjoy.
  • Seniors and adults have recreational opportunities for a variety of interests and needs.
  • Families have opportunities to recreate together in programs and parks.
  • Working parents can be assured their young children are well cared for at an affordable, safe and enriching daily after school and summer programs.
  • High school students have the opportunity of participating in a school sport and all the positive experiences that are a part of being on a team.
  • Working people want to live here because of the good quality of life provided through trails, parks, recreation programs and sports made available to their growing families.
  • Tweens and Teens explore, develop and learn positive life-long leisure skills.
  • Kids and adults have positive choices and alternatives to drug and alcohol abuse.

What will this levy cost me?


More information about Island Rec Parks, Programs and Services and this levy request can be found on www.islandrec.org or by calling or emailing:

Sally Thomsen, Island Rec Director  -378-4953- play@islandrec.org

Bill Cumming, Island Rec Board Chair – cumming@rockisland.com

Adam Eltinge, Board Commissioner – adman1974@msn.com

Jacquelyn Reiff, Board Commissioner – ivanjackie@rockisland.com

Tracy Roberson, Board Commissioner – jeffntracy@rockisland.com

Scott Zehner, Board Commissioner –  szehner@rockisland.com

P.O. Box 1946 ∙ 580 Guard Street ∙ P.O. Box 1946 ∙ Friday Harbor, WA 98250 ∙ www.islandrec.org